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    Taller Peralta is the flagship store for the Peralta Project. It is also the studio of contemporary artist, M.Tony Peralta. Located  in uptown Manhattan, where M.Tony Peralta was born and raised, Taller (which means workshop in Spanish) is the 1st of it's kind in the heavily populated Dominican neighborhood. The shop has a non-traditional approach to retail, by making all the garments that it sells to order, on the spot. Shoppers come into the shop and are greated by a wall of frames. The salon style layout includes graphics customers can choose and get put on a shirt or sweatshirt in minutes. Along with the clothing, Peralta offers an array of pins, prints, hats and some home goods. 

    If you are ever in town, make your way uptown and visit the shop. Address and store hours are below.


    2 Henshaw Street • NY, NY 10034

    Hours of Operation:

    Thursday-Saturday 1-7PM Sunday 1-5PM

    Tel. (917) 261-6833