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    New York native and first generation Dominican, M. Tony Peralta, is a contemporary artist and designer known for his fusion of pop art aesthetics, cultural iconography, and vibrant hues. While living in a home dominated by Dominican culture, Peralta developed a deep appreciation for American art and influences. His admiration for Andy Warhol, Keith Haring, Frida Kahlo,and Hip-Hop culture inspired him to creatively explore his identity. Using screen printing, painting, and mixed media techniques, Peralta has paid homage to his heritage, showcased the stigma of Blackness in Dominican identity, and tipped his hat to the golden age of Hip-Hop. His personal depiction of the Latino American experience fills a need for ambicultural representation. The relevance of his work has gained a growing number of followers and some of his art pieces are owned by Junot Diaz, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Swizz Beats and his wife Alicia Keys to name a few. Through social media and an e-commerce undertaking known as The Peralta Project, he continues to artistically connect and engage with his followers.

    Peralta’s “Celia Con Rolo” art piece was exhibited at the Smithsonian Anacostia Community Museum in D.C for their “Gateway’s exhibit. The work was also acquired and added to the institutions permanent collection. Most recently, Peralta opened his first Brick & Mortar/Studio in the neighborhood where he was raised that formed his ideals and beliefs, Washington Heights/Inwood.